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Bespoke Design

Stunning Cakes

We offer a bespoke cake design design service where your cake will be sketched and all details added to give a representation of your wedding cake.

Some couples have a firm idea of what style and design they would like,whilst others are unsure of where to begin. Either way,our design portfolio and cakes on display give plenty of inspiration to create your dream cake.


You can even opt for fake tiers to add grandeur to your cake.

These are polystyrene dummies covered exactly the same as the rest of your cake. Adding fake tiers to the bottom of your cake would add height and are a fraction of the cost compared to an actual cake.

Smaller weddings
Fake tiers are great for smaller weddings as it enables you to have a larger design without extra unwanted cake.

Larger weddings
For those who require a lot of portions why not have a ‘kitchen cutting cake’.

This is a delicious sponge cake of your choice,covered in icing,but without any decoration. (This is quite a saving compared to a highly decorated extra tier within your wedding cake)